Prepare the Campaign

With deep regret we have seen the pictures of the burning refugee camp moria on Lesvos. 11 months ago, we startet working in and around this camp to provide refugees with dry clothes, food and dignity. Together with hundreds of volunteers we worked hard to make things better for the people in this camp and on lesvos. Things changed when EU and Turkey made their agreement and we were no longer in position to enter the official camp and help the people there. So we went some weeks to Istanbul, then e few months to Idomeni and then to Subotica, where we were forced to leave. Mid of August we finally took a break back home in Switzerland. We have distributed food and goods worth over CHF 100,000 directly to People in Need.
We is Verein FAIR., and for the most part Cyril, founder and president of this small NGO based in Biel, Switzerland. With this sad pictures of the burning camp moria in mind we’ve decided to go quickly back to lesvos. With first flight from Zurich, Cyril will arrive tomorrow at Mytilene airport, start helping where he can and gather our friends from other NGOs to start a coordinated initiative to help as efficiently as possible.
Our primary goal will be to rise funds providing food and shelter for these 3’000 – 4’000 ridden souls. As days getting colder and winter is comming, we try to start a Campaign which bundles the forces and skills of many small NGOs on the island under one roof. We will generate attention and attract people to donate money. The donate funds will be used for emergency relief and distributed among the various organizations.
Stay tuned until we’re ready with the campaign. There are already NGOs in urgend need of money. Pleas Support them to help people on Lesvos. #SaveMoria